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What Are the Benefits of Buying or Leasing a Toyota?

Where To Buy or Lease a Toyota in Mesa AZ 

Have you fallen in love with the 2020 Toyota 4Runner? Not sure where to buy or lease a Toyota in Mesa, AZ? We are here to help at Earnhardt Toyota. We have an incredible selection of brand-new Toyota cars, trucks and crossovers in stock that will fit your lifestyle with Toyota lease and finance incentives that will fit your budget. Use this guide to learn more about the benefits of buying or leasing a Toyota in the Phoenix area. 

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Benefits of Leasing a Toyota Mesa AZ 

Are you on a tighter budget and need a reliable car? Toyota lease incentives may be the right fit for you and your family in Mesa. A vehicle lease is best characterized as a long-term rental and means you pay less out of pocket – but you do not own the vehicle. When the lease contract is complete – most Toyota leases are 36 months – you will have the option to return the vehicle and lease a new model or purchase your lease vehicle. Leased vehicles can incur extra charges for minor dents and dings or going over set mileage limits. 

  • Lower Monthly Payments 
  • Lower Down Payments 
  • You Can Drive a Higher Trim Level for Less Money 
  • Easy Transition to a New Car After the Lease Ends 
  • No Trade-In Hassles When the Lease is Complete 
  • You Pay Less Sales Tax 
  • Your Vehicle is Covered by a Factory Warranty  
Couple with Gray 2020 Toyota RAV4

Benefits of Financing a Toyota Mesa AZ 

Financing is the other side of the automotive coin and works just how you would imagine – you apply for credit approval, receive a loan and purchase that 2020 Toyota Tacoma you have had your eye on at Earnhardt Toyota. When you finance a car at Earnhardt Toyota, you may be eligible for interest rates as low as 0% APR with variable term lengths that can help you find the right financial fit for your budget. Buying a brand-new Toyota may cost more upfront, but in the end, you will own your car – free and clear. 

  • You Own Your Toyota Car, Truck or SUV 
  • Low Finance Rates 
  • No Mileage Limits 
  • You Can Customize Your Car  
  • You Can Sell or Trade Your Car When You Want 
  • No More Payments When the Loan is Paid  
Gray 2021 Toyota Venza Rear Exterior on a City Street

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Are you planning to lease or finance a brand-new Toyota? Not sure where to buy or lease a Toyota in Mesa, AZ? Earnhardt Toyota is the answer. Visit the Earnhardt Toyota inventory to find a model that fits your lifestyle today!