At Toyota Financial Services (TFS) We Can Help You:

Save Time

  • obtain both vehicles and financing from one place; your Toyota dealer
  • streamline the acquisition of future vehicles with a pre-qualified Vehicle credit line
  • use one master agreement to buy or lease multiple vehicles

Manage costs

  • consolidate multiple billing statements into one monthly statement
  • manage regular maintenance costs with a prepaid maintenance plan
  • select a finance or lease plan that best fits your budget and usage needs

Plan for the Future

  • help avoid the rising cost of covered repairs with a TFs Vehicle service agreement


For Toyota and scion Vehicles

Retail Finance plan

  • Enjoy the benefits of full ownership from day one
  • Flexible aprs and terms up to 84 months available
  • seasonal payment plan (not available in all states)
  • no mileage and wear and use restrictions apply
  • Balloon financing available in limited states

Consider this when:
You expect to use your vehicles for the long term and/or plan to operate them in a way that would exceed limits under a lease.

Closed end lease plan2

  • Operate your vehicle without the full cost of ownership
  • standard closed end lease with flexible terms up to 60 months
  • You are responsible for any excess mileage and excess wear and use charges. if you terminate early, other charges will apply
  • at lease termination, return the vehicle, or purchase it at the residual value

Consider this when:
You plan to replace your vehicles every three to five years, and drive fewer than 15,000 miles per year.

Open end lease plan2

  • Drive your vehicle without paying excessive mileage or usage charges
  • commercial open end lease with a Terminal rental adjustment clause (Trac)
  • The projected end-of-term value of the vehicle (Trac value) is set at lease inception based on anticipated usage of the vehicle
  • Flexible terms up to 60 months
  • Vehicles can be customized with specialty equipment and paint
  • no mileage and wear and use restrictions apply. if you terminate early, other charges will apply
  • at lease end, purchase the vehicle at the agreed upon Trac value, or instruct TFs to sell the vehicle. You are responsible for the difference between the net sale amount and the Trac value

Consider this when:
You anticipate high mileage and usage. Also a good option if you want to customize your vehicles.

1 Vehicle eligibility requirements apply. subject to credit approval through a participating Toyota dealer and Toyota Financial services. not all applicants will qualify. programs not available in all states.
2 usage exclusions: Vehicles used for rental, livery or "for hire"(e.g., taxi cabs), emergency, or law enforcement are not eligible to lease under the TFs Business solutions program.


Vehicle credit line3
Open a pre-qualified Vehicle credit line good for up to 12 months. plan ahead and streamline the process of acquiring future vehicles.
Master agreements4
Use one agreement to finance multiple vehicles through participating Toyota dealers and TFs, and easily add vehicles going forward.
Consolidated Billing statements
Consolidate multiple billing statements into one monthly statement with summary details on individual accounts. remit just one payment to cover all accounts. ask your Toyota dealer about this option.
Specialized customer service
Receive ongoing support from a dedicated Business solutions advisor, who can customize services to help meet your needs.


Prepaid maintenance program5
A convenient and affordable way to help maintain your vehicles and manage your monthly maintenance costs.
Guaranteed auto protection5
Help protect your business from unexpected costs if your vehicle is declared a total loss due to theft, accident, fire or flood.
Vehicle service agreement5,6
TFS Vehicle service agreements can help shield you from the cost of unexpected covered repairs beyond your vehicle's basic warranty period.

3 Vehicle credit lines subject to additional terms and conditions.
4 The master agreement option may not be available at all Toyota dealerships. Additional vehicles can be added to an existing master agreement through the originating dealership only.
5 Terms, conditions and restrictions apply. See agreements for complete details.
6 certain commercial usages excluded.

Your Toyota dealer will require a completed credit application and other documentation for verification and financial review purposes for both the business and owners/guarantors, as applicable. some applications may require further consideration and additional information may be required. Click Here to download an application.