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  • Jeff Capshaw, Internet Director

    • Certified Master Car Consultant
    • Certified Master Truck Consultant
    • Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona
    The Internet Department at Earnhardt Toyota, strives to bring Toyota's corporate priorities to the local level. The Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc. Mission and Vision Statements are as follows:

    Mission Statement: "To attract and attain customers with high-valued products and services and the most satisfying ownership experience in America."

    Vision Statement: "To be the most successful and respected car company in America."

    To do this we continue to listen to our customers and explore better ways to serve them.  We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, you won't be disappointed!

  • John Engen, Internet Manager

    • Certified Car Consultant
    • Certified Truck Consultant
    • Certified Scion Sales Consultant
    • Hometown: Seattle, WA
    I love sunshine, but never got into coffee . . . a strange mix for someone born and raised in Seattle. I also lived in Florida, Alabama and Virginia while growing up, but Seattle was always home. Unfortunately, I never got used to that 9 month long rainy season! After graduating from Washington State University (business and psychology) and Pacific Lutheran University (social sciences), I decided to make my way toward sunshine: Southern Arizona! I quickly fell in love with the desert and its' warm, dry weather and gorgeous sunsets. An added bonus: this is where I met my beautiful bride, Lisa (who hails originally from Pittsburgh)!
    Lisa and I are outdoor people. We love to hike, bike, scuba dive, ski and rock climb. You could also call us dog people. We have two adopted rescue pets: Bisbee (yes, she "found" us during an adventure to Bisbee), and Sedona, named for her red brindle coat.
    To help give back to the community my wife and I volunteer with a variety of non-profits, including Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, National Ski Patrol and the Southern Arizona Rescue Association. In fact, during the winter, if you visit Sunrise Park Resort, you will probably run into us up on the slopes. I was honored to serve as a rescue volunteer during the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.
    I retired from my first career doing advancement work (alumni relations and fund raising) at five major Universities. As Lisa won't be ready to retire for several more years, I had to find something new, fun and challenging. Many of my friends and family have been in the automotive industry, so I thought I would try my hand at it.
    Here at Earnhardt, we take a different approach to assist you. We focus first on you and your needs. No pressure. No hassle. No Bull. I joined the Earnhardt team, so I could apply this approach in a supportive, family environment. I would love to earn the opportunity to help you. Please call me on my cell phone at any time for assistance

  • Gregg Hillen, Internet Manager

    I was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey. However, I grew up in Barnegat, New Jersey. Barnegat is down the shore not far from Atlantic City. I graduated from Southern Regional High School in 1982. In high school during my junior year, I was on the Varsity baseball and bowling team. In my senior year, I played the violin but in playing the violin I became painfully aware it did not help in meeting girls so I stopped. I have always wished I would have kept it up because I enjoyed playing.
    After high school, I joined the Army and served my country for five years. I went to basic training at Fort Dix, New Jersey then went to Fort Belvoir, Virginia in which I graduated and learned a trade in the printing field and became a photo and layout specialist. After graduation, I was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina where I spent a year. After the year, I went on to Frankfurt, Germany where I finished my tour of three years.
    After my career in the Army, I moved to Escondido, California to be near my family. A few years later, I met my wife of sixteen wonderful years. We have no children but we eventually adopted four cats.
    We moved to Mesa, Arizona in May 2005, so my wife could be near her family. It was at that time, I got into the car business. I'm glad I made the career change to automotive sales. I've learned a lot in the car business but what I've learned and value the most is to treat my customers the way I want to be treated.
    I hope I can be of assistance to you in the very near future and your sales consultant for many years to come.

  • Michael Mead, Internet Manager

    I was born in a small town outside of the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and lived in that very small farm town called Maple Lake. My family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where I surely didn't fit in with the Scottsdale kids and was picked on every day for the type of clothing I wore to school and my funny accent! My parents eventually got me better clothes and moved me to a Phoenix school district where I graduated in 1986 from Shadow Mountain High School in north Phoenix.

    After High School, I attended Scottsdale Community College for the first 2 years and finished obtaining my college degree in Business/Management BS/BA/BAM at the University of Phoenix. I worked for the University of Phoenix for 10 years as a Corporate Technology Buyer. After having a major motorcycle accident, I was out of work for many months recovering. My position had changed when I returned to work. I then decided to change careers from that point and gave car sales a try. That was in 2002 when I started as a green-pea salesman. Rather surprised, I actually really enjoyed working with people and creating friendships while providing a one stop shopping experience. Soon thereafter, their friends and families came looking for me and it suddenly had become a career. I've sold Honda, Hyundai and Toyota, and by far Toyota has been the best product I've had the opportunity to sell. I've noticed over the years that Toyota buyers tend to stay with Toyota and highly recommend them to their friends and families.  

    I've learned that if you treat each customer like a friend or family member, you're going to create a working relationship that continues to grow over the years. That's what I'm here to do for you!  Create that relationship that keeps you coming back to a fantastic organization such as the Earnhardt Family and the Toyota brand. 

    I hope I can be of assistance to you with your car buying needs and find for you that car, truck or SUV that you'll love for years to come.  

  • Nigel Narain, Internet Manager

    • Certified Master Car Consultant
    • Certified Expert Truck Consultant
    • Certified Scion Sales Consultant
    • Hometown: Guyana
    I was born in Guyana, South America in a small village on the East coast of Demerara called Beterverwagting. I have 9 other siblings (4 sisters and 5 brothers). I spent most of my youth playing badminton, soccer, table tennis and attending the St Peters Roman Catholic Church.

    I completed my secondary education in 1980. After high school I attended Guyana Fire Service Training school and graduated as a practical fire fighter. A few years after graduation, I was offered a position as a Fire Prevention Officer and served in the fire prevention department for four and a half years. It was a great experience having to teach fire safety and inspect government/private premises. I left in April of 1989 of my own volition. I also signed up as a Volunteer CP (Constabulary Police) and was later sworn in as a Rural Constable. I later became the Chairman of the Newtown Policing group and sat as vice chairman for the Division.

    In May of 1989 I joined the Guyana Power and Light Company as a clerk in the accounting department and within a few months, because of my experience in fire safety, I was promoted to Assistant Safety Officer. I was subsequently promoted as "Safety Officer" and then as "Safety and Chief Security Officer". In my position I acted as the company contact person with the Ministry of Health and Labor. I spent 13 years with that establishment and that was the last position I held before coming to United States of America in 2002. During that period I attended University of Guyana where I received a Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health.

    I have a wife and a son (3yrs old) living with me in the city of Gilbert. My favorite leisure time activities are karaoke, indoor volley ball (Wally ball ? played in a racquet ball court) and ping pong table tennis. I joined the then Superstition Springs Toyota family (now Earnhardts) in 2004 as a salesperson. I am currently a Fleet Manager in the Internet Department. I am certified with Toyota and Scion and look forward to serving you in your purchase of the best and most reliable car in the world ? Toyota!

  • Jack Shen, Internet Manager
    (480) 325-4110

    Chinese Speaker

    • Certified Car Consultant
    • Certified Truck Consultant
    • Certified Scion Sales Consultant
    • Hometown: Beijing China

    I was born and raised in China. I came to the United States in December 1989 to pursue better education and decided to work and raise family here.  I have two beautiful daughters that I spend most of my time with after work.
    After completing my education, I found selling automobiles is a very challenging career and decided to give a try.   I joined the Earnhardt Family group in 2007.  At Earnhardt Toyota, the No Bull philosophy is applied to focus first on our customers and their needs. The supportive and family environment at Earnhardt Toyota makes it the right place.

    I would love to have the opportunity to help you, your family and your friends. Please contact me at any time for assistance

  • Brandon Howard, Internet Manager

    Born in sunny California on a rainy day.  Love sports but don't follow.  No siblings but I have lots of friends! School is what brought me here to the valley of the sun, and I've been roasting here every since.  Traveling is my favorite thing to but  I've only explored the southern side of the US from LA to Miami, I did go to Canada once. I spend most of my time playing hid and go seek with success and I'm getting closer and closer everyday to finding it…peekaboo! No kids, no wife, but I'm working on it. Looking forward to what the future brings, down to the millisecond.

    How will you know it's the right decision if you never make it? My Job is to make sure the decision you make here at Earnhardt Toyota is one the best decision's you'll make period! I specialize in customer service and continuous satisfaction. If you're not happy, I am not happy! Other than that I hope your experience here with us at Earnhardt Toyota is one to be remembered and that you will refer for years to come!

  • Mike Landau, Internet Manager

    • Certified Car Consultant
    • Certified Truck Consultant
    • Certified Scion Sales Consultant
    • Hometown: Akron, Ohio
    I suppose I was destined for the automobile industry since I went to Firestone High School ? named after the tire magnate. I even met Mr. Firestone's family once. My high school was located in Akron, OH where I was born and raised. I left Ohio and the snow 31 years ago vowing never to live in another city that required shoveling snow. I think I've met that objective! Even when we are in the dead of summer here in Arizona, I just smile and say, "At least you don't have to shovel heat".

    I started out working for several dealerships as a service advisor and really enjoyed the interaction with my customers. Taking care of customers and solving their problems has to be at the top of my list so I decided to take the plunge and sell cars where I could interact even more with customers. I worked at Earnhardt Dodge and Hyundai until I came to Earnhardt Toyota. Where else can you sell a highly dependable car that gets great gas mileage, especially with the gas crunch these days!

    When I am not helping customers I enjoy taking my son, whose 4 and my daughter who is 5, to the park! Watching their limitless energy makes me wish I could bottle it up and sell it as alternative fuel. My wife and I will be celebrating our six year anniversary this year and love to go to movies (when Grandma can watch the kids), swimming with the kids and boating and fishing on the many lakes here in Arizona.

    For me, family time is my greatest reward. My second greatest reward is working with my customers to help them find exactly what they are looking for. 

    How can I help you today?

  • Lee Christiansen, Internet Manager

  • Tom Hart, Internet Manager

  • Jimmy Quaranta, Internet Manager

  • Gerad Gonzales, Internet Manager

  • Jim Gilbert, Internet Manager

  • Herb Rivera, Fleet Internet Manager

    It is with pleasure that I join Earnhardt Toyota. I was born in the East but have spent most of my adult life here in Arizona. I first arrived in the state after joining the Air Force where I was stationed at Davis Monthan Air Force base in Tucson. I married and have raised a wonderful family in this state.

    I continue to enjoy a career in car sales. I believe my success in this profession can be attributed to my desire to treat every customer as I would like to be treated. I have been on the other end of purchasing a vehicle; and, I have been a partner in a car sales lot. So, please know that when you speak with me you are receiving the benefit of many years experience.

    I look forward to earning your trust and confidence in your next vehicle purchase!

  • Mark Davenport, Fleet Internet Manager

  • Bruce Smith, Fleet Internet Manager

  • Jon Mefford, Fleet Internet Manager