"I am a repeat customer because I liked the 2008 Tacoma I leased previously, but more important was the sales associate, Nigel Narain. I could have gone to a different dealer, but I went to Earnhardt Toyota because of him. He is very knowledgeable, he helped me find the right financing, and he took all the time I needed to complete the deal. I never once felt rushed. I will look him up when my lease comes to a close, and I will drop his name to anyone looking for a new vehicle."

"My wife and I have bought several cars across the nation and this is the most,courteous, professional,efficient and enjoyable experience we have had. Please thank, Ron ,Michael Landrum (Earnhardt Dodge), Paul Fox and Tom Leeper for such a stress-free, enjoyable experience."

-William Guesno, Major, U.S.A.F. (ret.)

"This was the best treatment I've ever had when buying a car. I went through the Costco program,but it was the treatment I received from Mr. Jack Shen that will make me return for future vehicles. Mr.Shen was very honest and did everything to make me feel like I was his only concern. He wanted me to be happy and spent time with me to be sure I was. After deciding on the Rave4 and completing the leasing contract, I took the vehicle home on Thursday night 9/30/10. Over the next two days my wife and I felt the color wasn't right for us…so I agreed to call Jack (on his day off)to tell him we wanted to change vehicles. Mr.Shen insured me he would do what he could to get the color we wanted.I brought the vehicle back on Monday and Mr.Shen found the car we wanted at another dealership and completed a swap with another vehicle in his inventory. Then there was the paperwork that had to be redone, Mr.Shen took care of it all,all I had to do was sign and go. Superstition Springs Toyota can be very proud of Mr.Shen and the way he treats the public and makes them feel like their business is important. This way of doing business is an lost art,it is the way it was done in my youth and today is the secret to insuring repeat buyers. Thank you for making this easy."


"From beginning to end Nigel was there to help and bent over backwards to please us. He was very informative and accurate in any information given and followed through with all promises. He is following up post sale to make sure everything is OK and to see if we have any more questions. I would do business with Nigel again."

-Lyle Fuller

"About 2 months ago I bought a 2010 Toyota Tacoma Sport 4×4 Truck from Nigel Narain, unfortunately the vehicle was totaled. State Farm Insurance treated me very fairly and so I ordered another new Truck, this time a 2011, again from Nigel Narain. Nigel Narin and Earnhardt Toyota treated me with the service, fairness and respect that I was looking for. If you need a Toyota Vehicle, I recommend you see Nigel A. Narain."

"Ron actually sat in the car with my husband and I to show us how to work the different devices. He even set up our cell phones to make calls from the car. It was refreshing to have a salesperson help us get acquainted with our vehicle before we drove it off the lot. THANKS RON!!!!!!"

"Jack Shen Made the car buying the easiest process every. Telly came over and helped us get more discount that we never expected. We did all the pricing research on internet before buying the car. Jack and Telly got the car at a great discount price that was lower than all the research we had done. I highly recommend Jack Shen for all your car purchases. No gimmicks, no surprises. He makes it easy and stress-free."

"I went in several days before a purchase to look at cars. Told them my price range and expectations of my trade in value. I looked at several trade ins before deciding on the 2005 Camry. Not pushing a car I didn't want, they stayed at my goal to own an Toyota product. Several cars later. Sold. Car wasn't ready to take home that day, not a problem since they reconditioned the vehicle to my satisfaction and loaned me a 2009 Scion xD until it was ready. Working with Dave Bailey was a positive, pleasant experience. Took the time needed during and after the sale to tend to my needs as a purchaser. I recommend them highly."

"I have done LOTS of research into the Tundras and have been waiting months for the right deal. Over this time I visited many dealerships and test drove a few. I was very picky in the truck that I wanted and it turned out Earnhardt Toyota had 2 that fit my criteria! This worked out very well because I also knew that their dealership had the lowest sales tax in Maricopa County according to a non related website. I had a referral to talk to a man Telly–from another dealership. From doing my research I saw some deals on their website that were pretty good. When I got to the dealership I didn't even feel like I was at a dealership–the vultures all didn't come swooping down to get me(the feeling like most dealerships where you feel like you are a toy that 2 5-year olds are fighting over).

A salesman brought me over to Telly and from there he introduced me to John Engren. John went and brought down the truck and from the time he opened his mouth I could tell this guy knew these Toyotas inside and out. It was a pleasant surprise coming from other dealerships where most of the salesman couldn't even give half the information John knew. When it came to sitting down and talking price, there was 'no BULL' just like they advertised. They were open with what MSRP was the vehicle (and was right on with the numbers I researched with the included options) and also were up front right away with how much below that number they could go. From the research I knew it was a smoking deal. Though, I always want to be sure about big sales so I like to take a couple days to think it over.

During that couple days I called with a couple questions and they got back to me in a timely matter. What I especially like is that I didn't receive any calls badgering me to come back, that they could lower the price. They knew they gave me the best price available right away and didn't put pressure on me to impulse buy or anything else. Over the couple days I spoke to a couple other dealerships and found out they couldn't get within $1200 of the price at best. Between the price and a salesman who knew the product he was selling like the back of his hand, I was confident and felt really good about the truck.At this time I knew it was time to make the purchase of my new Tundra. I called John early the next morning and he immediately jumped in the truck to go get the spray in bed-liner I requested to try and fit my time restraints. He was able to do my credit check in 5 minutes over the phone so I was sure I got the green light for the awesome 0% for 60 months deal. I ran late to the dealership and the whole staff was there to help me out. I wasn't pressured to buy any useless accessories that he and I both knew I would never use. He did install an alarm on the vehicle at a great price that day. The paper work was quick and easy and finance didn't try any tricks like changing the interest or anything else. While I was in finance, John himself was out with a spray bottle polishing up the truck(even my foot prints from taking the final test drive).

From start to finish Telly Papagianis and John Engren made buying my Tundra a great experience. The level of service and the price was better than anyone else in the valley. Whenever a friend or family member is in the market for a Toyota or Scion I know who I'm sending them to."


"Today was, by far, the most convenient & hassle-free vehicle shopping experience I have ever had. This was my 5th vehicle purchase from an Earnhardt dealership, and the process is always pretty smooth, but today's process went exceptionally well with the help of Evan Aldrich (Fleet Sales) & Gray McDougal (General Manager)

Since Evan had worked with me via phone/e-mail before physically visiting the dealership, he virtually had everything complete. Due to his efficiency and attention to detail, we literally showed up, gave copies of our Driver's Licenses, signed a few papers, & picked up our new car (that had also been washed for us already!) I will highly recommend Evan Aldrich to anyone looking for a vehicle, and also the Earnhardt dealerships for their service and great reputation."


"I had such a great experience buying my first car from Earnhardt Toyota Scion. Evan Aldrich was WONDERFUL in helping me find the right car for me and never made me feel pressured into making a decision. The entire staff was friendly and I would definitely deal with the fleet department again. Thank you for a wonderful experience!"


"I bought my car out of state and on line and found Earnhardt Toyota to be excellent source for a new car. I had a difficult time trying to get any local dealer to find the model I desired or a price I was looking for. Earnhardt Toyota delivered on both accounts. If my next car is a Toyota and it probably will be I will do business with them. As an aside I am 79 and felt very comfortable dealing with them."


"No hassle at all, The price was much lower than anywhere else and customer service was great and FAST. I drove away in an hour and a half with a new Toyota. – Michael
Last month I purchased my 5th Toyota car from this dealership. It has a very friendly and no pressure atmosphere. Very knowledgeable and friendly group, fast and easy transaction . This was my fastest new car purchase, the entire transaction took less than 2 hrs."


"My experience with my salesman had been excellent. He was helpful and spent whatever time I needed to explain and handle my questions. This was the first time I ever bought a car totally on my own and I was very concerned about the purchase. The continuing service has been good also. I like the fact that a shuttle is provided so I can get a ride to/from the dealership when my car is in for service."


"I just purchased a 2010 Toyota Tundra from Earnhardt. It is the third Tundra I have owned and would own nothing else. The best truck made bar none. This is the first time I have purchased from Earnhardt and it was by far the best experience I have had. The salesman I had, Scott Clark was the nicest, most knowledgeable gentleman you could ask for. A real all around "good guy"! Tom in finance was great to work with and from beginning to send this was just a great experience. Out of five stars I would give Scott, Tom and the whole Earnhardt team an absolute five stars. Nothing but the best!"

"I went in to Toyota today after being treated like an idiot from a "Chevy dealership" yesterday, and found that the Toyota Scion dealership is a no "haggle" place that really is trying to get people to try 'OTHER THAN " AMERICAN CARS……I've since did a lot of searching and comparing on the internet and found that i was treated MORE than fair and offered a "brand new car" at 'USED CAR "PRICES". So please, if your tired of the "run-a-round" by the dealers, come here where you build a car like a home."

"A GOOD Experience I say GOOD experience rather than great because I don't want to sound like a paid shill for the company, and going through the car buying process is never actually "great". After doing battle face-to-face and coming out with my wallet intact at another dealer, I thought "Why can't it to be like going to the hardware store?" I decided to waste less time and call around to the other Toyota dealers in the area and tell them I wanted the Camry LE lease special that is nationally advertised through Labor Day. I got a firm price from Mike Landeau on the phone and set up an appointment for 2 days later (As a side note, this lease special had been going on for at least 2 weeks before I called the other dealers. None of the others could give me a firm lease down payment price right away on the phone. Most suggested I come in to discuss it. I'm sure I was not the first person to call about one of the best selling sedans in the world.) Back to Mike: When the down payment for the lease dropped by $500 the next day (I did see it in a commercial by Toyota corporate), he let me know. I went in on a Friday afternoon earlier than we had discussed and he was with another client at the time, so Curtis Edler met with me and handled all of the paperwork. No pressure to upgrade, and even though he knew I had a possible trade-in vehicle, he did his homework and knew from Mike that I wanted to keep both transactions separate. To summarize, I got what I wanted here without any stress. I'm sure they make close to nothing from this lease special, but they made it clear through their dealings that they want us to come back in the future. I will. It was like going to the hardware store, except with a little more time tacked on for paperwork."

"Finally an Honest Car Sales Person My wife and I were looking for a new Toyota Tacoma and were not having much luck finding a salesman we felt comfortable working with. Our neighbors then told us about a gentleman by the name of George Martinez whom is the Fleet Manager at Earnhardt Toyota. We called George and set an appointment to meet with him. He turned out to be the answer to our prayers. This guy was absolutely hands down the BEST CAR SALESMAN we have ever done business with and we have bought several vehicles in our lives. He was very friendly, honest(yes an honest car sales person) and he kept every aspect above the board. No hidden bull sh-t if you know what I mean. It turns out that George handles all the Special Auto Buying Programs for Earnhardt Toyota such as Credit Unions, Car Brokers and my company Boeing under their Auto Rewards Car Buying program. In short this guy was the best. I felt compelled to write this review, something I don't ever do as I have better things to do with my spare time. If you want a Toyota, do not look any further and do not waste your time as We did prior to contacting this man!"